PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - The most beautiful women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution




THE WATERSPORTS PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - Many well known beauty pageants do not have a specific goal as the reason for their being. Miss Ocean, as the name implies, is aimed at looking after our oceans. We are not the first contest with those general aims, but we are the first contest in support of the research necessary for the proposed ocean cleaning ships called SeaVax and research into zero carbon marine transport. SeaVax ships can filter plastic waste from seawater. In sufficient numbers Seavax machines could make significant inroads into cleaning up the 5 enormous garbage gyres in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans - and might prevent a 6th forming in the Arctic Ocean. We both recognize and applaud the work of beauty pageants around the world looking to draw attention to ocean pollution and climate change, many of which we feature on this website.


The event is being organised by Cleaner Oceans Club Ltd, a not for profit company registered in the UK as company number: 4674774.


CONTEST SCHEDULE 2017 - The final rules for the Miss Ocean contest will be published on this page before January 2018. Meantime, we have published a draft edition which will enable those interested in applying to decide if the contest is for them.


Entries will be accepted between April and May 2018. The water sports competitions will take place in June of 2018. Final interviews and judging will be between October and December of 2018.


The very first Miss Ocean venue (TBA) is likely to be at a theatre, conference or exhibition centre on the south coast of England in Sussex. Many towns on the south coast are within easy reach of London by train and car - about 90 minutes from Victoria Station by train, roughly the same by car. A coastal location is better suited to the water sports section, that is designed to promote healthy lifestyles.


The 2018 competition is open to all (subject to eligibility terms and conditions), but is more likely to attract contestants from the United Kingdom and Europe. This is because 2016 is the first year of the competition and for this reason the contest will be relatively unknown. We do though, encourage applicants from all over the world - because this will help us to spread the message that we must do something about the state of our oceans..


It is likely that the contest will be broadcast on television on a network TBA. Entrants should be prepared to appear both recorded and live on television and youtube.


CONTEST FORMAT - The contest format is at present being developed to return associates and partners the best PR returns. We are open to suggestion/negotiation until December of 2015.


Unlike other beauty contests, there is a water sport section (Aquatic Skills) that carries 20% of the marks to encourage participation - and will almost certainly mean getting into a boat, the sea or a swimming pool.


THE POINTS SCORING SYSTEM - Judging has to be carried out in a fair and unbiased manner. Awarding points in relation to the objects of the contest is the way that we have chosen to compare one contestant to another. We recognize that each contestant is already a special person. But our objective is to find the most suitable candidate for the Title: Miss Ocean, who will be our "Queen Of The Ocean" for 12 months. On this subject, spare a thought for the judges. Judging is not easy. Apart from votes from the general public, the final say will be from the judges themselves, especially in the event of a tie.



Number of Points


 The Interviews



 Aquatic Skills



 Costume Design



 Special Talents



 Overall Impression











Miss Ocean 2015, Monika


INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL EXCHANGE - The Miss Ocean 2018 event promotes "friendship and good cultural relations with all nations," as being appropriate for the global society of the 21st century and a mutual understanding of the potential problems for planet earth - in a more general quest for a sustainable world. This is the aim of most advanced nations today.





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HELP SAVE OUR OCEANS - As an ambassador for the high seas, the Miss Ocean contest sends a message to all women around the world that they care about pollution, acid oceans and climate change - and most importantly, that they can make a difference. The pageant is designed to empower women. The objective is to influence both world leaders and inform the ordinary man in the street as to the issues that are part of the competition's constitution. This includes equality for all citizens of planet earth and the hope for a fairer equitable society - as a means to tackle poverty.




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Beauty Pageant



Key People



Miss Universe

 New York City

Paula Shugart

Donald Trump

 1952  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Confidently Beautiful

Miss World


Julia Morley

Eric Morley

 1951  Miss World flag of the United Kingdom

Beauty with a Purpose

Miss Earth


Ramon Monzon

Lorraine Schuck

 2001  Miss Earth, flag of the Philippines

Beauties for a Cause

Miss International


Hirofumi Hashimoto

Hirofumi Hashimoto

 1960  Miss International, flag of Japan

Love, Peace and Beauty

Miss Ocean City

 Ocean City NJ



 2015  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Learn and be beautiful

Miss Ocean Club

 Boston, Massachusetts



 2012  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Flaunt it Baby

Miss Indien Ocean

 Paris, Saint Denis



 2012  Miss Ocean Indien, Saint Denis, Paris, France

Love your island

Miss Ocean Vietnam

 Ho Chi Minh City




Love your ocean

Miss Ocean Int 2010

 Zhoushan Island




Love your ocean

Ocean One Calendar

 Scarborough, Perth




12 lucky girls

Ocean One Drive

 LA, California


Von Gretchen McAlpin

 2014  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Dream more, be more

Miss Ocean World

Ambon city, Mollucas Is

Nadine Chandrawinata

Kamidia Radisti


Brave, smart & beautiful



  Miss Ocean 2016 official collectors T shirt


MISS OCEAN 'T' SHIRTS - To be introduced from April 2016, a special edition 'T' Shirt for Miss Ocean entrants and supporters. Swimwear, evening gowns and even jewellery could also be on the agenda. The T shirt on the left is a special one off print for an early supporter.


Miss Ocean 2016 official collectors mug


MISS OCEAN MUGS - To be introduced from April 2016, souvenir Miss Ocean™ mugs for thirsty girls and boys.





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