The most beautiful women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution



YOU CAN HELP US SAVE THE OCEANS - As an ambassador for the high seas, the Miss Ocean contest sends a message to all women around the world that they care about pollution, acid oceans and climate change. Empowered women do this in a way that will influence both world leaders and inform the ordinary man in the street. In England we love the sea so much that we build steel structures to get us out into the ocean air.





The dress code for the Miss Ocean pageant will be published shortly before the opening date in April 2016. Swimwear is considered to be an essential part of this contest, mainly because being about the seas and oceans, contestants should be able to swim to fully interact with the medium we are trying to protect.


That said, we will not be asking the contestants to parade in bikinis. The choice of swimwear is up to the individual. Ladies should choose clothing for the water that they feel comfortable in for their chosen water sport.




Extra points will be awarded for costumes made from recycled ocean plastics. If you think that such a task will be impossible, you may be surprise to learn that many responsible manufacturers of clothing and sporting goods are now including recovered plastics in their products. In some cases routinely. We cannot applaud such initiatives loudly enough. 




  Miss Thailand's amazing blue winged beauty costume


OUTSTANDING - These amazing costumes would be sure to earn the wearers from Panama and Thailand the highest points in the (traditional) Costume Design category.





The pageant will be won by the contestant with the highest point score. Twenty points are up for grabs for the lady who wears the most interesting and original swimsuit, costume or gown - or matching ensemble. Extra points may be added in the Overall Impression category. Dress sense is therefore of considerable importance. Elegance is also highly rated, as is how the entrant carries herself in her chosen attire.















Beauty Pageant



Key People



Miss Universe

 New York City

Paula Shugart

Donald Trump

 1952  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Confidently Beautiful

Miss World


Julia Morley

Eric Morley

 1951  Miss World flag of the United Kingdom

Beauty with a Purpose

Miss Earth


Ramon Monzon

Lorraine Schuck

 2001  Miss Earth, flag of the Philippines

Beauties for a Cause

Miss International


Hirofumi Hashimoto

Hirofumi Hashimoto

 1960  Miss International, flag of Japan

Love, Peace and Beauty

Miss Ocean Vietnam

 Ho Chi Minh City




Love our oceans

Miss Ocean Int 2010

 Zhoushan Island




Love your ocean




BEAUTY IS ALL AROUND US - If you take the time to walk along a coastline near you, you cannot fail to see the beauty in the ocean as the wind driven tide crashes waves of energy onto our beaches. The relentless power of nature is all around us to see.


If only politicians will open their eyes to the damage that humans are causing to mother earth as the wealthy and powerful rush for quick profits, and never mind the consequences.


This is a picture taken from the Cuckmere Valley near Seaford in glorious Sussex one crisp December morning in 2014. The British winter is a time for warm clothing to ward off the bracing sea breeze. We are looking east toward the famous Seven Sisters chalk cliffs with the English Channel and France south. Monika (right) went on to champion the ocean pollution cause - she is seen in the lead photograph on this page sitting on Eastbourne beach with the Pier in the background.




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