The most beautiful women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution



Miss Ocean 2015, Monika


INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL EXCHANGE - The Miss Ocean 2016 event also promotes "friendship and good cultural relations with all nations," as being appropriate for the global society of the 21st century and a mutual understanding of the potential problems for planet earth - in a more general quest for a sustainable world, at peace with one another's circular economies. This is the aim of most advanced nations today - yet to be attained.





The organizers of the Miss Ocean beauty pageant are inviting the participation of like minded companies who may produce: cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, watches, fashion clothing and shoes, fashion accessories, cameras, mobile phones - or be in the entertainment business.


We are also keen to hear from interested organizations who may report the news, or who offer holidays, cruises and air travel to destinations around the world.




Sponsors are sure to be accorded both custom and loyalty from an appreciative public.


In addition, full billing and promotional rights will be secured for the venues, to include special seating at events, and even the privilege of handing out awards for such items as dress or swimsuit design, makeup, hair-care (style), etc., at the event finals.







Beauty Pageant



Key People



Miss Universe

 New York City

Paula Shugart

Donald Trump

 1952  Miss Universe, flag of the United States of Amerca

Confidently Beautiful

Miss World


Julia Morley

Eric Morley

 1951  Miss World flag of the United Kingdom

Beauty with a Purpose

Miss Earth


Ramon Monzon

Lorraine Schuck

 2001  Miss Earth, flag of the Philippines

Beauties for a Cause

Miss International


Hirofumi Hashimoto

Hirofumi Hashimoto

 1960  Miss International, flag of Japan

Love, Peace and Beauty



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