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MEGHAN & HARRY - Became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they married in 2018.



Now that you've said "Yes," there are a million planning details to deal with. Planning your wedding should be exciting, not hectic.  The best wedding professionals are booked up to two years in advance.   So start making contacts today by browsing through our pages and clicking on the links that interest you.  We aim to give you access to many wedding professionals who may help you make the right planning decisions and offer suggestions to save you time and money.


We hope that our guides to weddings will help you to create a dazzling environment for your special day, as the start of your journey as a married couple. The most famous weddings are those of the British Royal Family. We take an interest in these events as the benchmark against which other betrothals might be measured. Though, bear in mind that statistically most weddings end in divorce. Hence, plan ahead for that eventuality - and put those future costs into the kitty as part of your forward (family) planning. 


As wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, religions and countries, you may want to spice up your special event with an exotic theme. If so there are many company's out there catering for such tastes.



Wedding vows


Marriage vows



Planning Your Wedding?

Whether your plans call for a lavish extravaganza, or a simple ceremony on the beach, make no mistake, it WILL NOT JUST HAPPEN. Behind every successful wedding lies months of careful planning.


From selecting the perfect invitation through throwing the rice, you will need to make many decisions. As a modern busy bride we aim to take some of the stress out of the decision making, to help you accomplish a flawless, and stress free wedding day.


This is a magical time in your life, so make the most of it and use our services to help you plan your dream wedding and enjoy every minute of it.

Things to think about:

  • Who pays for what

  • Invitations

  • The Bridal Party

  • Ceremony & Location

  • Wedding Rehearsal

  • Correct Attire

  • Your Gown

  • The Reception

  • Music

  • Flowers

  • Cake

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Transportation Options

  • Marriage License

  • Bridal Showers

  • Gift Registry

  • Thank You Notes




The Wedding Dress




Types of Wedding


A double wedding is a single ceremony where two fiancé couples rendezvous for two separate weddings. Typically, a fiancé with a sibling might plan a double wedding with that sibling.


A destination wedding is any wedding in which the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the ceremony. Whether this happens for an intimate beach ceremony in the Caribbean, extravagant nuptials in Las Vegas or for a simple ceremony in someone's back yard, chances are it qualifies as a destination wedding.


A white wedding is a formal or semi-formal wedding in the United Kingdom, Ireland and United States, as well as Commonwealth, traditions.


A military wedding is a ceremony conducted in a military chapel.


An online wedding is a wedding that is either conducted on the internet, or is an event that resembles a standard wedding when two people who wish their avatars, or characters, to be married.


A same-sex wedding is a ceremony in which two people of the same gender are married. This may be an official and legally recognized event, or (in places that to do not allow same-sex marriage) it may simply be an opportunity to make the same pledges and have the same celebration with friends and family as at a traditional wedding.




Wedding day Just Married decorated car


Just Married


A civil wedding is a ceremony presided over by a local civil authority, such as an elected or appointed judge, justice of the peace or the mayor of a locality. Civil wedding ceremonies can use references to God, but no references to a particular religion or denomination. They can be either elaborate or simple. Many civil wedding ceremonies take place in local town or city halls or courthouses in judge's chambers.





The wedding ceremony formally celebrates the beginning of a marriage. In some countries, cultures and religions, the actual act of marriage begins during the wedding ceremony. In others, the legal act of marriage occurs at the time of signing a marriage license or other legal document and the wedding is then an opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and celebrate with friends and family.


Wedding ceremonies may contain any number of different elements, however most contain wedding vows of some kind and a proclamation of marriage, usually by the officiant. Most weddings also involve wearing the traditional clothes of the culture in which the couple is wedding. A wedding is often followed or accompanied by a wedding reception.


Other elements may include music, poetry, prayer, scripture, or other traditions. In most societies a number of traditions or customs have emerged around the wedding ceremony, many of which have lost their original symbolic meaning in the modern world. Other wedding traditions are relatively recent. Some elements of the Western heterosexual wedding ceremony symbolize the bride's departure from her father's control and entry into a new family with her husband. In modern Western weddings, this symbolism is largely vestigial, since husband and wife are of equal power and status. In some cultures, same-sex weddings are celebrated.


A wedding's particular customs may be varied, mixed, or invented to suit the personalities, interests, and cultural backgrounds of the couple. Such hybrid ceremonies are more common when performed by Civil Celebrants, as in Australia, the United States and Canada.



The Wedding Planner dvd poster


Wedding Planner DVD





Different wedding traditions call for different wedding outfits:

  • Qipao, Chinese traditional formal wear

  • Batik and Kebaya, a special garment worn by the Javanese people of Indonesia.

  • Barong Tagalog, an embroidered formal garment of the Philippines

  • Kimono, the traditional garments of Japan

  • Ao dai, traditional garments of Vietnam

  • Morning dress, a particular category of men's formal dress

  • Topor, a type of conical headgear traditionally worn by grooms as part of the Bengali Hindu wedding ceremony

  • Tuxedo

    • Black tie, indicating dinner jacket in the UK

    • White tie, indicating evening dress in the UK

  • Sherwani, a long coat-like garment worn in South Asia

  • Wedding veil

  • Wedding dress




Why not start by downloading this free Wedding Day Planning Check List.

From love birds to favors to invitations to honeymoons, our pages can be your one-stop mall.   In addition to caterers and photographers, chapels and coordinators, you can also discover interesting wedding trivia - Why do brides wear white?   Why do brides carry flowers?   What's behind the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" tradition?   It's all there when you click on  Wedding Traditions.

Don't forget the get-away car! How many times does this happen? The Best Man and Groomsmen leave the wedding reception to purchase decorations for the bride and grooms car? We noticed  this time saving Car Decorating Kit just for this reason. You can purchase the kit or items are sold separate.   Nothing harmful to vehicle. 




Wedding Planner movie Steve & Mary dance Jennifer Lopez


Wedding Planner movie

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey





Music often played at western weddings includes a processional song for walking down the aisle and reception dance music.  The style of music is usually dictated by the traditions of the country the wedding is being performed in.



Choose your wedding songs :



 Wedding Compilation CDs * (19)
All your favorite wedding songs in one CD! Dozens of styles and themes available.

Reception: Father - Daughter Dance (191)
Song suggestions for the father/daughter dance

Ceremony: Interlude (165)
Musical interludes function to enhance the ceremony with symbolic meaning or dramatize important ceremonial moments

Reception: First Dance Songs (833)
Song Suggestions for the Couple's first dance

Ceremony: Prelude Music (90)
Sets the tone for the entire ceremony.

Reception: Garter Songs (103)
To be played while the garter gets taken off, and thrown

Ceremony: Processional Music (258)
Music to introduce the bride while she walks down the aisle

Reception: Introductions (166)
Songs & Music to introduce the bride, groom and wedding party


Ceremony: Recessional Songs (145)
Music played after couple is announced as husband and wife.

Reception: Kids Dances (17)
Songs for children under 12 to dance to

Ceremony: Unity Candle Music (99)
Classic and contemporary suggestions for candle lighting

Reception: Last Dance Songs (119)
Song suggestions for the last dance of the evening

Reception: Bouquet Toss (63)
Song suggestions when the bride throws her bouquet

Reception: Mother - Son Dance (87)
Songs for the mother and son dance

Reception: Cake Cutting Songs (54)
Songs & Music to be used when cutting the cake

Reception: Other Family Dances (29)
Suggestions for family dances other than father/daughter and mother/son

Reception: Dinner Music (38)
Great suggestions for music to be played while the guests are eating or mingling

Reception: Wedding Party Dance (105)
Songs to get your all of your attendants out and dancing together

Reception: Dollar Dance (36)
Song suggestions for the dollar/money dance










Accommodation guide:


Dimensions Number of Guests Accommodated
in Feet in Metres   Standing Reception Seated Dining Dining, dancing
& low level Seating combined
10 x 10 3 x 3   - - -
15 x 15 4.5 x 4.5   20 15 -
20 x 20 6 x 6   35 30 -
15 x 30 4.5 x 9   40 30 -
20 x 30 6 x 9   60 40 30
30 x 30 9 x 9   100 90 50
30 x 60 9 x 18   200 180 100
30 x 90 9 x 27   300 270 150 (L or T shape possible)
30 x 120
60 x 60
9 x 36
18 x 18
  400 360 200 (T or X shape possible)
30 x 150 9 x 45   500 450 250 (X, L or T shape recommended)
Seating is based on 8 guests sitting around a 5ft round or 6ft long table with table service and does not allow for any buffet tables, bars, cake tables etc.



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