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A party is a social gathering for celebration and recreation. While having some things in common with religious and seasonal festivals, the term "party" usually denotes a smaller gathering for a personal, rather than cultural, occasion even when the occasion is simply that of gaiety.


Parties provide numerous opportunities for social interaction of various kinds, depending on the participants and their understanding of the accepted behavior for a given occasion. As a result, they tend to reinforce cultural and/or counter-cultural standards, though sometimes this is simply by providing a semi-acceptable social context for violating some of those standards.



Party hat toss ceremony on graduation


Party hat toss ceremony on graduation



Types of parties


Birthday party


A birthday party is a celebration that occurs to celebrate the birth of the person being honored. The birthday party is the most celebrated event in the world. As of July 2006 there were approximately 6.525 billion people on Earth. If birthdays were perfectly random in their distribution across the year, and if every person were to celebrate theirs at their exact birth time then there would be a birthday celebration every 0.005 seconds. While a child's party is usually at home and consists of soft drinks and sweet food as well as savory, adults' often take place in clubs with a buffet of savory food and alcohol.


In Western culture, particularly in the United States, birthday parties are often accompanied by colorful decorations. A traditional birthday cake is often served with candles that are to be blown out after a "birthday wish" has been made. This wish is usually kept secret, and represents some desire for the time between the current birthday and the next. While the birthday cake is brought to the table, the song Happy Birthday to You is generally sung. A birthday party may even be an event planned carefully through a special agency or through a party service.



Housewarming party


A housewarming party is held on the occasion of moving into a new residence. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, and sometimes for friends to give gifts to furnish the new home. Housewarming parties are generally informal; usually there are no planned activities besides a possible tour.



Office party


Office parties are events held by corporations or businesses often either at the site of the business or in high class venues. These celebrations can coincide with some change the business is making, or the undertaking of a new enterprise that the business wants support or publicity for. Office parties are also credited with boosting the general morale of those employed at the business. This can result in better temperament in the workplace and higher productivity.



Dance party


A dance party is an event where the main theme of the party involves loud music and dance. Conversation is not an integral part of these parties as those who attend express themselves through their physical movements.



Party time Siegessäule, Love Parade 2001


Siegessäule, Love Parade 2001





A spinoff of the standard dance party, the rave involves loud music and dance, is generally counter-cultural in nature, and tends to challenge concepts of what is "proper". The other major difference is that most rave parties involve many people, usually numbering into and above thousands. The largest of these is the Berlin Love Parade, which has hosted over one million people in past years.



Beach party


A beach party typically involves a bonfire during the night, which is the unifying and central aspect of the gathering. The style of these parties can largely deviate in regard to activities done throughout the duration of the gathering.



Bush Party


A bush party is similar to a beach party, typically centered around a bonfire in the night, often in a secluded area of forest or "bush". The most typical attendee is an outdoor enthusiast or underage drinker.



Dinner party


A dinner party is a social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually in the hosts own home.



Cocktail party


Primarily, a party where cocktails are served and women may choose to wear a cocktail dress. The inventor of the cocktail party is said to be Alec Waugh, who found a need for this pleasant interlude before a dinner party.



Keg Party


Keg Parties, also "Keggers", are parties centered around the consumption of beer which is pumped from a keg into a cup. These parties are popular in the US amongst college students.



A Birthday party celebration


A Birthday party celebration



New Year's party


A New Year's Party is usually hosted in a person's house on New Year's Eve to celebrate the changing of the calendar. Champagne is a traditional beverage served. Many hotels, bars, and restaurants also sponsor New Year's Parties, and hand out gift bags that include funny hats, streamers, balloons, and noisemakers used before and after the countdown to the new year. Famous New Years party television shows include Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and Hootenanny.



House party


In the United States and the United Kingdom the term house party refers, typically, to a type of party where large groups of people get together at a designated house, mainly for the purpose of consuming alcoholic beverages.






A party in which many people get together and have sexual intercourse. Can also include swingers parties.



Cast party


A cast party is a celebration following the last performance of a theatrical event, such as an opera, musical, or play. It may also take place following the end of shooting for a motion picture, where it is also known as a wrap party, or following the final episode of a television series for the season. The party is often exclusive to the performers and crew members, with a smaller number of guests who did not themselves participate in the performance. Cast parties are traditional for almost all acted performances, including amateur events such as highschool plays.


The popular comedy program Saturday Night Live is well known for having a cast party after the taping of every episode.



Traditional parties


Traditional parties such as the English tea party or the modern cocktail party, are social gatherings within a fairly formal, or at least stylized, atmosphere. These parties often have roots in tradition which can be regional, cultural, or specific to a single family. Religious celebrations like the Jewish Brit milah and the coming of age celebration of B'nai Mitzvah are usually accompanied by a traditional party.



Marriage-related parties

  • Bachelor party (UK: Stag Night, Australia: Bucks Night)

  • Bachelorette party (UK: Hen Night)


After the party


After the party



Holiday-related parties



  • Norouz


United States

  • 4th of July parties

  • Kwanzaa parties

  • Halloween party


Internationally celebrated parties

  • New Years Parties

  • Halloween party

  • Cinco De Mayo


  • Christmas parties

  • Easter gatherings

  • Mardi Gras Parties

  • Saint Patrick's Day parties


  • Eid ul-Fitr celebrations


  • Passover celebrations

  • Hanukah parties

  • Purim parties


New years eve party Las-Vegas 2001


New years eve party Las-Vegas 2001



General celebratory parties

Parties may be thrown to celebrate personal events, such as:

  • Passing an examination

  • Success in sport or business

  • Getting a (better) job

  • Being released from hospital

  • Graduation from a school


Parties focused on a specific interest

  • Costume party

This is an offshoot of the classic masquerade ball, where the costumes of the participants provide the theme of the event. Costume parties can be designated with a specific type of costume to be worn for example horror, fantasy, anime, or dress from a certain era or culture much like the toga party.

  • Game party

A game party is a social gathering where games are played. Bridge parties where the card game of bridge is played and various party games like Spin the bottle and Truth or Dare are common.

  • LAN party

A party that involves multi-player computer games using a Local Area Network

  • Pharm party

Pharming parties (pharm as short for pharmacy) are controversial events where young adults bring different types of Prescription drugs to a location wherein they are distributed in various ways. This is obviously a dangerous activity because certain combinations of prescription drugs can cause serious injury or death when taken simultaneously. Further danger exists when alcoholic beverages are thrown in the mix. Despite the media attention there are currently no statistics regarding these pharm parties.

  • Coke party

is a party where the primary inebriant featured at the party is cocaine. This is often a euphemism cocaine users use to describe shared drug use.

  • Pool party

An event where the main action of the party involves swimming, and any other entertainment which can involve a swimming pool. These parties more often than not occur during the summer warm months. Games that will occur at a pool party are Marco Polo (game), Pool Volleyball, Chicken (game), etc.

  • Political houseparty - A party is hosted in a private home for the purpose of supporting a particular candidate, political party, or ballot measure, or to share information and opinions about an upcoming election.

  • Toga Party- a party in which all participants dress up in Greek-style robes with holly on their heads, and generally get very drunk. This theme was popularized by the movie Animal House.

  • Tupperware Party- a party in which the primary goal is to sell a product, in this case Tupperware. This name has come to stand for any type of party in which the hostess holds the gathering with the purpose of selling something. Common examples include makeup products and even sex toys.

  • Rainbow Party- a party in which a group of girls/women individually wear different colours of lipstick, then take turns at performing oral sex on a single male invitee.


Types of partiers

  • Party crasher

  • VIP













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