NEWHAVEN HARBOUR - The busy port of Newhaven is home to a cross-channel ferry service from England to France. The river Ouse flows into the English Channel carrying with it plastic waste that is not visible to the human eye. All in not as it seems. Food for thought for the bio-engineer from Belgium. Copyright photograph 9 March 2019 all rights reserved. You will need the permission of the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to reproduce this picture.



Lolita D'Ortona is a Belgian student in the second year of her Masters Degree in bio engineering at the Université de Liège. For her final year thesis she will be undertaking robotic programming, hydraulic circuit design and stressing of a boom and mast that carries the turbine generators for a quarter scale development rig that will eventually be fitted to a coastal SeaVax vessel.


For development purposes the rig will be fitted to a Ford Transit van for land based testing.





Student : Master degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies - Bioengineering , Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech
Charleroi Area, Belgium

Renewables & Environment
CETB - Centre d'Enfouissement Technique du Beau-Mont SA
Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Université de LiègeGembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Université de Liège

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Positive and motivated student who wants to use her leadership, creativity and team spirit to attempt to develop a sustainable world and to have a better understanding of renewable energies. Willing to learn and be efficient using resourceful skills and determined spirit.



Lolita D'Ortona’s Activity


Pour la première fois, la Faculté Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (ULiège) publie un web-documentaire. Ce...
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Pour la première fois, la Faculté Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (ULiège) publie un web-documentaire. Ce...
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Voici mon tout nouveau site web


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Voici mon tout nouveau site web






CETB - Centre d'Enfouissement Technique du Beau-Mont SA
August 2018 – August 2018 1 month

Région de Charleroi, Belgique

Analyzes of the different solutions to the reorganization of the biomethanisation part.

July 2018 – July 2018 1 month

Région de Gent, Belgique

Aluminum analysis on samples taken from production. Working on a new QC system by testing different methods on aluminum analysis.




WIND POWER - At the far end of Newhaven harbour walls, the wind was much stronger. Copyright © photograph March 2019 Cleaner Ocean Foundation.




Image for Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Université de Liège
Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Université de Liège

Sciences physiques
2012 – 2019
École secondaire St Joseph Châtelet

Certificat d'études supérieures, Option sciences 5h, Anglais 2h
2006 – 2012


Volunteer Staff

Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso
August 2016


Clean mountain trails and discover the biodiversity of Valle d'Aosta.
Treasurer and then President of "Office des Cours" AGEC ASBL

February 2016 – February 2018 2 years 1 month

Managed a student voluntary association responsible for publishing and selling syllabus, supplies, reference books and the organization of activities for more than 400 students.



Bio-engineering student, Lolita D'Ortona checking out ocean winds


ACROSS THE BAY - From the harbour end you can see in the distance the famous white cliffs at Seaford Head, most notable for Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft flying over during World War Two. Copyright photograph © 09-03-19 all rights reserved. Cleaner Ocean Foundation.




TEST RIG - This Ford Transit van is being used as a test rig to mount a wind turbine boom and solar panel wings as part of an experiment in 2019 that is being developed by Lolita D'Ortona as part of a final year Masters Degree thesis. Emily Hoad painted the yellow submarine and sea creatures on this vehicle in 2018.




BELGIUM - The Université de Liège where Lolita is studying. Belgium is home to the European Parliament, where at the moment ocean plastic pollution is a hot topic of debate,



Apart from her engineering skills, Lolita enjoys singing, hanging out with friends and visiting interesting cities in Europe, especially in Italy. She is also a mentor to new students.







Greta Thunberg, Swedish schoolgirl 15 telling the United Nations to  secure her future


SERIOUS STUFF - We thought that Lolita was passionate about her work and that we were dedicated to lobbying against acid oceans and global warming, but then we heard about Greta Thunberg from Sweden. When she was 15 years old she seemed to know more about climate change than most of the United Nations delegates put together. That may not be fair on those hard working politicians, but Greta knows that we have to act now and stop just talking about acting. We are running out of time, of that we have no doubt that Greta and all the other school children out on strike have a point. Even with autism as a potential blocker, she gives a good account of herself. At 16, Greta roasted the elite @ Davos in January 2019. Greta is an inspiration to us all.




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