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The World Series, Cannonball electric vehicle runs


The international series of 'Cannonball EV' events are on the increase. Soon, you'll be able to enter an event almost locally. Every event will send a message to politicians and manufacturers around the world that EVs are here to stay - and they'd better start taking them seriously. Come on girls, get involved - join or form a team today - and be sure to let the organizers know to help them help you with your road-trip.


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Transafrica official world ZEV road run cannoball series  ZER world cannonball road run series United Kingdom  Transam ZEV official world cannonball road run series


The Cannonball road-run world series of ZEV runs, are events that are designed to promote and accelerate the development of an energy supply infrastructure for ordinary road going electric vehicles, not only for sustainable transport, but also for world health reasons. Click on a map above to see some  of the popular national routes.



Farrah Fawcett is famous for the Cannonball Run movie with Burt Reynolds











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