Mandy Giltjes lives in Romford and has a banking job in the city. She believes Kiss Off stands out because of their personalities. 


"I am the quirky one" she said. "Abbie is very R 'n B; Jodie is very rocky and theatrical. We all have very big voices. This band is definitely the best I have had." 






Mandy is a competent dancer and very good at networking. We admire her for her tenacity and for constantly striving for musical perfection. 

The group said: 


"We hope the song will inspire people to be proud of who they are and to enjoy life to the full. No matter how strange, weird, odd or different you may feel inside, there is always the opportunity to embrace your own special uniqueness and stand out from the crowd."


"You see this in our performance as we poke gentle fun at each other....we don't always have to conform; there are more important qualities to celebrate in people such as kindness, understanding and love... "




Kiss Off is a Girl Group with attitude from Essex, England. The line up is: Mandy Giltjes, Abbie Scott and Jodie Drayan.


Kiss Off, have already stormed to the final of a talent competition and not for the first time for Mandy Giltjes who already has experience in the pop world; when she reached the final of the 2008 UK Unsigned talent competition with her group 'Kismet'. 









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